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Our Vision

We established Wave-ability with the goal of empowering people with disabilities and embracing them with a socially inclusive community centered on a love of the sea and the sport of surfing. We believe that people with disabilities, as all people, have the need to feel that they belong and the right to a complete, rich recreational and social life. We believe in the ocean as a unique environment that represents a combination between a physical and spiritual experience and in surfing as an inspiring combination between a personal challenge and team work.

What do we do?

With the help of modified surfboards, specialized surfing techniques, dedicated teams of volunteers and a personalized approach, we empower people with disabilities to get to the water, become part of a team and experience the ocean by tackling an extreme sport like surfing.

Our Inspiration

Inbal Reichler, the founder and chairman of Wave-ability, is an architect, a surfer and a disabled IDF veteran. Inbal was injured at the age of 18 in a live-fire drill, an injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down and confined to a wheelchair. Her dream was to return to the water. Three years ago, using a specially modified surfboard, she was able to realize that dream. She found that being in the water gave her a freedom of movement and body control that being in a wheelchair deprived her. She understood that her mission was to allow others who shared her fate to experience riding the ocean waves and leaving the physical limitations behind.


Our Goals

  • Making the ocean and watersports accessible to people with disabilities

  • Embracing people with disabilities, including them in recreational activities as part of our community

  • Empowering people and encouraging personal development through watersports and surfing

Activities planned for 2022

  • Operating multiple surfing groups for adults and children with physical, mental and sensory disabilities

  • Production of additional modified surfboards for different types of disabilities

  • Accessible, community beach events that incorporate people with various levels of abilities and disabilities

  • Inclusive educational program- involving teens with disabilities and at-risk teens (a joint program with the Gal Sheli organization

  • Community-building events: Workshops (high-waves, kayaking), beach retreats, social meetups.

In order to conduct a wide range of activities and make them available to an increasing number of people from all parts of Israel, Wave-Ability needs support from private donors and organizations who believe in our vision and goals. We accept direct contributions and/or sponsorships for specific activities or events.

For questions and additional details:

Sefy Ariely

Executive Committee


Wave-ability 2020


M: +972-54-4510444

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